Can I adjust the white noise volume on SNOO?

SNOO’s sound has been specifically crafted to soothe your baby. When the baby is upset and needs more soothing, SNOO increases the motion and sound to soothe your baby.

Even at SNOO’s highest level, the volume is well below what the baby would experience in the womb. In fact, a baby’s own cry is even louder than SNOO’s highest setting!

Parents often notice that their baby soothes best with slightly quieter - or slightly louder - sound. Therefore, we provided a volume control (in the App settings) so you can easily adjust to the level your baby prefers. To engage...

  1. Open up the SNOO App and select the Setting icon
  2. Under Preferences, click on Volume
  3. There you can choose the starting level and soothing level volume for SNOO’s white noise


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