What are the weight ranges for the SNOO sacks?

Please find our general guidelines for SNOO Sacks sizes below:

Small: 2.5 - 5.4 kg (5-12 lbs), up to 50 cm (20”) length (approximately)

Medium: 5.4 - 8 kg (12-18 lbs), up to 55 cm (22” length) (approximately)

Large: 8 - 11.8 kg (18-26 lbs), up to 60 cm (24”) length (approximately)

Note: Do not worry if your baby’s feet can touch the bottom of the sack. That keeps the legs slightly bent, which aids developing hips.

For optimal sleep, it is very important to swaddle your baby’s arms straight down at the sides. If the arms can sneak out of the inner bands or bend up at the elbows, it is a recipe for disrupted sleep. Click here to learn simple steps to help keep your little baby’s arms secured.

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